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Access to clean drinking water remains a dream for millions

Our vision is to provide improved drinking water to better the quality of life of people living in rural areas of developing countries.

The Water Crisis

The water crisis is massive, and clean water plays a crucial role in combating poverty. But it is possible to help a rural community desperately in need by sponsoring a water supply.

How We Work

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Participatory Approaches with Local Communities

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Appropriate Water Solutions 

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Lasting Sustainability Strategies

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Proving Our


Our Work Seeks to Drive Development


Our grassroots CBO partners listen to their communities' needs which means we match our donors to the highest priority water scarcity communities.  


Every well is located within 300mtrs from most village households saving recipients time on water collection and more time for economic growth.


We address the urgency of clean, safe water for the communities we serve.  Within 1 month of your donation, thousands of people will have access to safe water - perhaps for the first time in their lives. 


A hand up, not a handout. Community recipients are given complete ownership of their water resource and provided comprehensive training on bore management.

How You Can Take Action

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Village populations range from 500 to 2,000, and healthcare facility populations of 30,000 plus.

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A borewell in a rural school impacts 250 to 2,000 pupils and has a broader impact on the surrounding community.

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A borewell in a conservation area impacts both humans and wildlife where there is conflict over water resources.

423 Water Supplies Installed

Effective Altruism $2.49 per person

Hands Red

940,000 People Helped

Proving Our Impact

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What's New?

Little Ripples is a wine with a difference. $1 of every bottle of Little Ripples Wine sold provides 1 year of clean water for 1 person in BridgIT's programs.
Shop to support our programs...

Village Drill for our Ugandan partners

BridgIT and our amazing donors have funded a piece of new innovative drilling equipment to drill bores more efficiently and safely.
Learn more about the Village Drill here...

BridgIT Australian Projects

BridgIT's vision is to transform and develop pride in Australian first nations culture for all Australians through supporting contemporary indigenous creative arts. 

We need to know about you if you are an Australian registered charity that facilitates indigenous creative arts. Send us a message and we will contact you to learn about what you do. 

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