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Take Action Today

Due to the sheer magnitude of the water scarcity crisis throughout the developing world, federal and local governments can often not provide the funds required to address the issues and requires additional assistance from generous supporters.  

Donate a water project's full or partial cost to provide safe, accessible drinking water to people in need for years to come. Leave the legacy of a community, school or health facility in your name. 

Corporate Social Responsibility provides an opportunity for businesses to contribute donations and volunteer efforts while also boosting their brands. Contact us here to partner with us.


There are many ways to fundraise regardless of where you live or your age. You could walk from Melbourne to the tip of northern Australia like Richard. He raised enough funds to sponsor 9 communities in Uganda and India, enabling 39,000 people to receive a new water supply.

Little Ripples is a wine with a difference. $1 of every bottle of Little Ripples Wine sold provides 1 year of clean water for 1 person in BridgIT's programs. Buy Little Ripples Wine to help our programs give people safe water wells.

Become part of the BridgIT team like Tom in San Francisco and Mia in Copenhagen. Our ambassadors spread awareness about our work and help us form meaningful partnerships with individuals and corporate sponsors.

Professional & technical skills can help maximise the number of villages reached and people impacted. Contact us at for further information on volunteering. 

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"You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results." ~ Mahatma Gandhi.

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