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  • The Village Drill is a human-powered drill designed for drilling boreholes to create water access in low-income rural communities. 

  • The Village Drill can create boreholes up to 20cm diameter and 90 metres deep and can easily be disassembled for transport and storage. It is a durable drill strong enough to break through different soil types, including sand, silt, medium/hard grade rock, coral and clay.

  • The Village Drill combines the most desirable features of other borehole drilling technologies with its own innovative design to solve major market problems. One of these issues was portability. It is compact enough to fit onto a small truck. 

  • The Village Drill reduces the complexity and labour-intensive processes of other drilling methods, ensuring future sustainability.

Innovative Manual Borehole Drilling Technology


Human-powered Machinery


Assembles in under 2 hours


Fits in the back of a small truck


Made with US manufactured steel

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