Providing a safe water supply to a developing rural village forms an essential part of poverty reduction and has immediate and long term positive impacts on villages, school and Health Centre facilities.

Our commitment to results

To enhance quality project delivery, transparency and accountability to our donors and the greater public, the following goals and targets outline the success measures our programs use and the outcomes we expect to achieve.

It is a priority to have impactful programs that create tangible and quantifiable outcomes to reducing poverty in our target communities and result in high-value return on investment for our donors.  Value for money is achieved through aligning our projects to communities where a large number of people will be affected. Our target communities population ranges from 500 to 2000 people, therefore each project gains 'economies of scale' and a significant impact is achieved. 

Program Delivery Goal # Increase access to safe drinking water in rural communities

# 1 200 Villages by 2020

Target Reached

98 Facilities: 84 x Villages; 22 x Schools

5 x Health Centres; 2 x Orphanages

# 2 400,000 people by 2020

Target Reached


people impacted

Suitable design, technology & equipment that meets community skill capacity

Accessible water located within 300mtrs from most community households

Sustainable systems with effective water user committees to maintain each water supply

Improved health outcomes

Demonstrated reduction in incidence of water-borne diseases indicated by Health Centre records

Water supplies successfully operating within 5 years

Improved education outcomes

Demonstrated improved attendance, enrolment & performance indicated by School records

95% access to a clean water supply in a rural Ugandan sub-county from 30%

Water suppliers successfully operating within 5 years

Improved socio-economic outcomes

Demonstrated reduction in health-related cost indicated by household expenditure records

# 3 Economies of Scale

effective cost of $3.50 or less pp

Target Reached

$3.10 pp

Program Delivery Outcomes in Uganda, India, Nepal, Tanzania, Bolivia & Jamaica

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