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About Us

Our Mission is to provide suitable, accessible and sustainable water solutions to the poorest and most marginalised people in rural, peri-urban areas and small remote villages in developing countries.

Our Vision is to provide improved drinking water to better the quality of life of people living in rural areas of developing countries.

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BridgIT is a result-focused Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to providing sustainable development by implementing programmes that provide a safe drinking water supply to address the water scarcity challenges in developing rural communities without access to clean and safe water.

Water is a human right, not a privilege. BridgIT firmly believes that now more than ever, the world needs corporates and individuals alike to play a role in tackling some of the more formidable challenges facing our global community. We all need to adopt an approach of investing in tomorrow through community partnerships which will drive economic prosperity for all by supporting partner organisations focused on community economic development. BridgIT would like to encourage businesses and individuals to embrace their social responsibility so that each of us can and must be a force for good.

Our Australian Board

Our Australian governing body, including directors and committee members, are super passionate about bridging some of the poverty challenges present in our modern world. BridgIT Water's team in Australia and collaborators internationally are proud to be part of its governance and collaboratively develop a clear vision and mission to successfully reach our strategic targets to help people throughout the world.

Wendy Tisdell OAM
Founding Director

Wendy was inspired to start BridgIT Water after volunteering in Jamaica in 2008. With over 25 years of experience as the Financial & Operations Director of a family business, switching her hand to directing a non-profit organisation just seemed logical. Wendy was awarded the Order of Australia medal in recognition of her contribution to Australian international aid. Wendy has responsibility for BridgIT's planning, organising, and fieldwork.

Mark Tisdell
Director, Technical

Mark brings 25 years of water engineering expertise to our water projects. Mark has extensive experience in pumping systems, fluid movement, water collection and storage systems and water treatment systems. Mark's technical expertise is used to aid the design and engineering with our implementing partners. Mark also acts as BridgIT's Risk Officer. 

Josephine Wycherley
Director, Financial

Jo has been with the Foundation since its inception in 2009 and has travelled to Tanzania to work on a water project; therefore understands the foundation's projects in a hands-on way.

Jo has 15 years of experience as a chartered accountant in public practice and, more recently, the Finance Manager for Domino's Pizza Enterprises. Jo has a strong technical background in financial reporting and tax, allowing her to make informed financial decisions in BridgIT's financial management. 

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Graham Howlett
Marketing Manager

Graham has worked for many years in the multi-media field and as such makes him the ideal Marketing Manager for BridgIT.  Specifically, Graham acts as the IT and digital marketing consultant for BridgIT.

Graham has a passion for helping people and is happy to put his experience to good use to aid those less fortunate than himself. 

Melinda Metcalfe

Admin & Finance Assistant

Mel is a caring and generous person who loves helping people. Mel's experience as a bookkeeper and certified BAS agent make her ideal to assist with BridgIT's administration and financial duties. She is a busy little bee in the Foundation and her administration expertise is crucial. 

Sue Birtles
Board Secretary

Sue has worked in the public and private sector in many parts of Australia and overseas. Sue is an experienced urban and social planner with many years of experience in urban and social planning in various levels of the commonwealth, state and local government, managing and developing large and small scale projects. Sue believes it is crucial to listen to people who are being helped and, wherever possible, involve them in the process. Failure to do so often results in products or outcomes that do not meet people's real needs.

Haarlen Tisdell

Consultant, Electrical

Haarlen is an Electrical Fitter by trade and has many years of experience in his field. His experience makes him the perfect electrical advisor. His skills as an electrician have been used in the design and implementation of various water systems in Africa and the Americas. He has been part of several BridgIT projects and has been with the Foundation since day dot. His technical understanding allows him to offer advice on electrical systems and design.   

Basem Bardan

Board Member

Bas has been working in the not for profit sector for approximately 5 years. He brings his experience of organising fundraisers and project management to roll out some wonderful projects. Bas has experience in working in South Africa in counselling centres and women's empowerment projects. He intends to listen to the needs of the communities in focus and to help facilitate self-sustainability strategies. He has extensive experience in the multi-media field. Graham acts as the IT and digital marketing consultant for BridgIT. 

Our Values & Guiding Principles


Form thriving trustful and participatory relationships with grassroots community-based partners.


The communities it serves must have a real need for and actively participate and buy-in to any projects undertaken in their location.  The marginalised people in affected communities are empowered with the skills to take care of their water resource.


Honest and transparent accountability of funds between its partners and donors.


Effective and efficient use of resources to drive every dollar invested further, resulting in a high-value return on investment, and projects that make a tangible and quantifiable impact on reducing poverty in its target communities.


Open, transparent communication between partners, contractors, stakeholders, donors and volunteers.



Collaborative skills and knowledge sharing between partners, staff, contractors, donors and volunteers working together as a team to deliver its goals.


Any projects undertaken are completed with high quality for the recipient beneficiaries and the donors.


The safety of all community members, team members and partners is paramount.