water solutions
Water Solutions

Some water supply solutions are simple and low cost, while others are high cost depending on the water source and the complexity of the solution. There are engineering and technical considerations with water movement.  Each water system design proposed by partners and communities are assessed utilising the services of qualified water engineers and qualified  pre-approved contractors and suppliers to ensure the most appropriate water solution is used. 

We operate within basic WASH guidelines

  • Water is tested in every well construction to meet adequate WHO (World Health Organization) standards.

  • We ensure that the well is uphill from any pit latrines and a minimum of 50mtrs away.

  • Be above the flood level of any nearby river or lake.

  • Be in a location which allows the free access of all users all year round.  This refers to physical access i.e. passable pathway but also legal access.  A right of way must exist to the well.

  • Be in location where the level of the water table is at least 2mtrs all year round.

  • Not be in an area where pesticides or fertilisers are spread on crops.

  • Not be in an area liable to erosion

  • Not be in an area where the fluctuating fresh water table is influenced by a saltwater table of sinking of a well will not pierce the saltwater table.

  • Specific distances from these facilities or buildings:

- Communal dumping site - 100mtrs

- Cemetery - 50mtrs

- Abattoir - 50mtrs

- Dwelling house - 50mtrs

- Animal pen - 30mtrs

- Private domestic dumping site - 30mtrs

- Large trees with extensive root system - 20mtrs

- Roads, airstrips, railway lines - 20mtrs

- Rivers or lakes - 20mtrs

- Laundry or washing slab - 20mtrs