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Sponsor a Water Supply

It costs less than you think, saves lives and reduces poverty.

Could you please help us make a difference

Any amount and currency accepted

Due to the sheer magnitude of the water scarcity crisis throughout the developing world, federal and local governments can often not provide the funds required to address the issues. 

What you get when you sponsor the full cost of a community water project

  • The satisfaction that you are directly helping hundreds of people who otherwise may never have had access to a clean, safe water supply.

  • Effective altruism.  We ensure value for donor buck with each sponsored community well, typically impacting 500 to 2,000 people.

  • Community name, location and population or school enrolment numbers are provided. 

  • The donor's name is acknowledged on a plaque attached to the wellhead.

  • Prompt Action. Donors typically see the results of their investment within one month.

  • Real-time progress reports as the wells are being constructed.

  • A Completion Report is provided after the well is handed over to the community.

We Prove Every Project & Keep You Informed

​​We keep donors informed of real-time progress throughout all phases of the project:


​The donor is advised of sponsorship detail

  • Community needs assessment

  • Primary stakeholder identification and involvement through participatory approaches within the target community

  • Water source verification

  • Technical water system design

  • Determine project budgets

  • Formation of Water User Committees (WUC's) and sustainability strategies with the community


​The donor is provided with project progress photos

  • Community involvement and participation

  • Project construction

  • Health, child protection and people with disability education

  • Project management and monitoring

  • Project progress reporting

  • Field Monitoring

  • Final training of  Water User Committees (WUC's)

  • Training to the well maintenance team

  • WASH training

  • Post evaluation and learning 

  • Performance effectiveness indicators and success measures

  • Learn about our Sustainability approach


​The donor is provided with a Completion Report

  • Handover to community

  • Acknowledgement signage placed on the wellhead

  • Performance review and effectiveness - indicators and success measures

  • Presentation of Donor Completion Report

Water Solution Methods

Community water supply costs range from US$1,350 to $20,000, depending on the water solution method. 

There are engineering and technical considerations with water movement. Our projects range from a simple hand pump installation to a more complex solar pump installation. Donor funding is matched to the most appropriate water solution method. 

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