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Sponsor a Water Supply

It costs less than you think, saves lives and reduces poverty.

What you get when you sponsor the full cost of a community water project

  • Donor satisfaction by helping hundreds of people who otherwise may never have had access to a clean, safe water supply.

  • We ensure value for donor buck (effective altruism) with each sponsored community well, typically impacting 500 to 2,000 people.

  • Community name, GPS coordinates and population or school enrolment numbers provided. 

  • The donor is recognised and acknowledged as the official sponsor on a plaque attached to the wellhead.

  • Prompt Action.  Donors typically see the results of their investment within one month.

  • Real-time progress reports are provided as the wells are constructed.

  • A Completion Report is provided after the well is handed over to the community.

We Prove Every Project & Keep You Informed

​​We keep donors informed of real-time progress throughout all phases of the project:


​The donor is advised of sponsorship detail

  • Community needs assessment

  • Primary stakeholder identification and involvement through participatory approaches within the target community

  • Water source verification

  • Technical water system design

  • Determine project budgets

  • Formation of Water User Committees (WUC's) and sustainability strategies with the community


​The donor is provided with project progress photos

  • GPS coordinates provided

  • Project construction

  • Health, child protection and people with disability education

  • Project management and monitoring

  • Project progress reporting

  • Field Monitoring

  • Final training of  Water User Committees (WUC's)

  • Training to the well maintenance team

  • WASH training

  • Post evaluation and learning 

  • Performance effectiveness indicators and success measures

  • Learn about our Sustainability approach


​The donor is provided with a Completion Report

  • Handover to community

  • Acknowledgement signage placed on the wellhead

  • Performance review and effectiveness - indicators and success measures

  • Presentation of Donor Completion Report

Water Solution Methods

We'll match your donation to the most appropriate water solution method when you sponsor a project. 


There are engineering and technical considerations with water movement.  Our projects range from a simple hand pump installation to a more complex solar pump installation.  Community water supply costs range from US$1,350 to $20,000, depending on the water solution method. 

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