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How We Work

Our work seeks to drive development,

not just deliver aid

We engage in participatory approaches with partners & community

Our partners listen to the communities they represent. Our specially selected grassroots community-based partners establish, develop and maintain our water programs using bottom-up community-focused approaches within their target communities.

Our partners conduct comprehensive target area needs assessments, ensuring projects are community demand-driven. During consultations, listening to their communities can ensure they receive the most appropriate water solution to suit their needs and skill capacity.

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We provide appropriate water solutions 

There are engineering and technical considerations with water movement.  Our projects range from a simple hand pump installation to a more complex solar pump installation.   


Approved contractors provide our water project design, budget, and equipment suitability to ensure that the most appropriate and cost-effective technology is installed suitable for community need and skill capacity.  

We use sustainability strategies

It's one thing to provide a new water well, but how is it maintained when it needs repair?  We ensure our water systems designs suit the potential operators' skills and community representatives are correctly trained in the governance and maintenance of their new water resources as an integral part of the project process.

Our project partners train representatives of each beneficiary community to engage and empower them to take ownership, be self-reliant and independent to manage their water resources into the future. 

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We prove our impact

We recommend, match and engage donors to sponsor target areas with priority community need.

We pledge a collaborative, holistic and interactive approach to giving including site visits if desired.


We pledge a value return on donor philanthropic investment.


We continually monitor and evaluate our programs.

We provide transparent real-time project progress and comprehensive completion reporting.

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