Providing safe drinking water to rural villages and saving lives by reducing water-borne diseases 

Your donation will make a tangible impact to the lives of thousands of rural people by providing a safe water supply to a health, education or conservation water project

The Crisis

Rural populations rely on surface water instead of groundwater for everything they do - drinking, cooking, washing and living. These rural communities do not have funds, education or technology to bring the water closer to them so the individual has to travel to the water supply which is often remote from where they live. Therefore, BridgIT's aim is to locate the water well within 300 metres of each rural village household and closer to the individual.

The international development sector has identified water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH) programs as an area with significant potential to improve health, life expectancy, student learning and gender equality.  BridgIT's aid and development objective is to implement programs that ptovide a safe drinking water supply to address the water scarcity challenges to some of the poorest, most marginalised people in rural areas in developing nations. 

Sponsor a Health, Education or Conservation water supply and have an immediate impact on the lives of hundreds of people

Providing a water supply to a rural village or health care facility impacts thousands of lives. 

Village populations range from 500 to 2000 and health facilities reach a broader community of 30,000 people or more. See projects

Providing a water supply to an education facility can impact 250 to 2000 pupils.

Primary and Secondary Schools have a broad community impact as rural schools are often the heart of community life. See projects

Provide a water supply to a conservation project where there is human and wildlife conflict over water resources. We provide a water supply to a village away from the water source where both people and wildlife use it. 

See projects


BridgIT has invested over $1.6 million, installed over 250 facilities and helped more than 660,000 people receive a safe water supply


Locating a well closer to people creates development through saving time for economic growth.

Providing water wells closer to rural households creates tangible immediate, short-term, mid-term and long-term impacts. Impacts to providing access to clean drinking water creates immediate improvements to people's health and also creates mid to long-term socio-economic development by reducing village household expenditure on health related expenditure. 

These testimonials prove that your aid money IS having an impact and making a quantifiable difference dispelling the myth that foreign aid is a waste of money.

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Rural Development Society & SPREAWS

"We are happy with the water hand pump aided by BridgIT Water. Previously we were going across the rough fields to get water from bore-wells. It was taking half hour to go and return. Now, as the hand pump is installed it is taking just 5 minutes. We can use the time saved for working & earning our livelihoods thus reducing our poverty level.