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The need in Uganda is overwhelming, with close to half of its population lacking access to safe water

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A large percentage of rural households in Uganda reported travelling up to 2km or more to access safe water, revealing that distance was a significant constraint to accessing a safe water supply.

A large percentage of illnesses in Uganda can be traced back to water-borne diseases or a lack of appropriate sanitation due to the inability to access clean water regularly.  Cholera is one of the common illnesses in Uganda, followed by typhoid, malaria, dengue fever and hepatitis. 

Our partner, Suubi Community Projects, based in Kampala, works in the rural areas of Mukono District, Central Uganda and coordinates chimpanzee conservation projects in Western Uganda.  Through an integrated, holistic approach, they are involved in activities to increase access to safe water and sanitation, health service delivery, education service delivery, and economic empowerment in rural communities.  Suubi’s mission is to ‘help communities help themselves.’

The Village Drill

Innovative manual borehole drilling technology purchased for our Ugandan partners to service remote rural villages

Project Area: Mukono & Hoima Districts

Solution: Drilledhand-drilled or refurbished wells equipped with hand pumps

USD 1,500 starting cost for a complete water project

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