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Refurbished Existing Wells

In sub-Saharan Africa, one in every three wells is in non-working order, most commonly due to broken hand pumps used to pump groundwater. Because, in the past, many government or non-government organisations have come in with a drill team drilled a bore and left. There was rarely any training on bore maintenance or the establishment of water management strategies. 

When the hand pump eventually needs repair, the communities cannot do so because of the lack of resources, proper management or any sense of ownership. In most cases, the repair only requires an overhaul of the hand pump assembly, but this cost is way too high for the communities to fund if they have not been pooling together a maintenance fund over a period of time.

Cost & Impact: Refurbishing a bore is a very cheap, reliable option creating immediate results offering long term solutions. Low maintenance and running costs make the refurbished well an excellent water solution.

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Community ownership must be established for the sustainability of the refurbished well