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Water & sanitation remains a high priority in Tanzania

Tanzania, like many of the world's developing countries, has challenges with water resources.  Out of Tanzania's population of 63 million, only 61% of households currently have access to a basic water supply, 32% have access to basic sanitation, and 48% have access to basic hygiene, according to SDG definitions. 

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It is evident that the water supply system in Tanzania, especially in rural communities, faces water security risks in various aspects, such as scarcity and quality.  The impoverished rural population lack access to basic water supplies and safe sanitation, which results in tremendous human health and economic costs and also gender and other societal inequalities. 


Tanzania must meet and balance the increasing water demands of a growing population with water needed for food security, economic growth, and energy production while maintaining some of the most important ecosystems on the planet (Serengeti & Ngorongoro National Parks). 

BridgIT aims to improve water accessibility in the rural areas of the Kilosa District and Pemba Island (off Zanzibar). 

Area: Kilosa & Pemba Island

Solution: Borewell Drilling, Hand Pump Installations and Water Harvesting & Storage 

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