water proects in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has an extreme water crisis situation ~ according to US Aid

Area:  Berano District of Somali Region


Beneficiaries:  4 Villages and Schools with chronic water supply problems in the Ethiopian Somali region. This region is extremely water stressed and is a priority in terms of rural development.

Solution: Rehabilitate traditional hand dug wells by raising from the ground and locating closer to each community.

Impact:  16,000 people (2,000 school students)

Cost per Well:  From US$10,000.00

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While Ethiopia has relatively abundant water resources, it is considered water stressed due to rapid population growth over the last decade.

Unpredictable rainfall and the shortage of existing water related infrastructure has many regions of the country in conditions of extreme water scarcity, degraded water quality and chronic food insecurity.

The people in the project intervention areas of Ethiopia's Somali region are living under serious clean water shortage conditions. Drinking water is not safe since it is not protected from surface contamination and people drink this untreated water. 

Almost all respondents of the project and surrounding area believe that existing water currently in use causes serious health problems and the community are highly susceptible for most easily preventable diseases.

It was also found that around 70% of the health problems affecting adults are either endemic disease prevailed by water borne or water related and similarly, 80% of the diseases, which often attack children, are either water borne or related with water (poor exercise of sanitation & hygiene).


According to the clinical records of the district health offices, diarrheal diseases, pneumonia, neonatal disorders, and under nutrition are the results of lack of clean water which are closely associated with the leading killers of children under five and the elderly.