volunteer on a water project

Be hands on and volunteer your time to the project

while also experiencing amazing cultures

We can all learn something from each other.  Work with our partners or participate and volunteer in the construction of the well with the tradesmen.  See the impact and tangible difference your funds make at grassroots level exactly where they are needed.  It will definitely be an adventure and the authentic cultural exchange will leave you forever changed in how you view the world.

Wildlife to sponsor a village
Artisinal crafts
Travel to sponsor a village

Expect to travel and experience adventures a little off the beaten track.

Volunteer to sponsor a village

Volunteer with the local tradesmen of your village well installation and try a different way of doing things.

Iconic Cultures

Observe amazing traditions & cultures while delivering your gift of water.

Cultural activity to sponsor a village
Cultural Activities

Participate in authentic cultural activities with your village when celebrating the gift of water.

Homestay to sponsor a village
A village homestay

See the benefits safe water can provide to a household while enjoying a home cooked meal in a village homestay.


View some of the most amazingly breathtaking sights while visiting your sponsored village/s.

Tourism to sponsor a village
Amazing Wildlife

Wildlife is fast disappearing. Visit your sponsored village and see some of the world's most endangered wildlife.

Artisinal Crafts

Experience artisanal handcrafts such as blacksmithing, carpet making, rustic alcohol production and organic gardening.