Sustainability & Capacity Building

BridgIT Water's goal is to engage the community completely so that our programs and initiatives have complete buy in and support.  Our partners work with the community to ensure that future maintenance and sustainability of water systems becomes an integral part of community life.

Who will look after the water facility?

The community must have a clear understanding that the water system is installed as a valuable piece of infrastrure and that it is not a gift, but a responsibility. Our partners request that the community agrees to providing a contribution to the project prior to commencement.  They can do this by providing skilled and non-skilled labour during the project construction and commitment to sustainability and ongoing maintenance of the equipment.

Community driven

Community demand driven projects are only considered by BridgIT Water. 

The community must be involved during all phases of the project from consultation through to handover.

Monitored & measured

Each project is monitored and measured for success by our partners. The level of community involvement and their commitment to the sustainability and ongoing maintenance of the water supply are key performance indicators.

Appropriate technology

Appropriate technology is installed with each project to ensure our water systems are designed to suit the skills of the potential operators.  It is important recipients are not dependent on aid for its continued operation.

Village water user committee

Water User Committees (WUC) are created by the communities to manage the Water Source Maintenance Fund and the ongoing sustainability of the water asset and equipment left in place.