Due to the sheer magnitude of water scarcity problems throughout the developing world, federal, state and local governments are often not in a position to provide the funds required to address these issues, especially in rural areas.

We match donors

to rural villages that have

the most water scarcity need

We locate our wells within 300mtrs of village households

Partner & Community Bottom Up Approach

  • Engage with grassroots community based organisations (CBO's)

  • Bottom up approach within their target communities.

  • Comprehensive target area needs assessment ensuring community demand driven.

  • Partners present a detailed proposal outlining villages in order of priority.

  • Program project management

Bridg-IT Water Bridging the Gap

  • Conduct comprehensive site visit needs assessments.

  • Recommend, match and engage donors to sponsor the target area with the most community need. 

  • Conduct regular monitoring and evaluation tracking (MET).

  • Provide transparent communication and reporting to our donors.

Donor & Sponsor Philanthropic Matching

  • Match and engage donors to areas of priority need.

  • We pledge a collaborative, holistic and interactive approach to giving including site visits if desired.

  • We pledge a value return on donor philanthropic investment​.

  • We pledge that sponsorship provides a tangible and quantifiable impact on poverty reduction.

  • Provide real time project progress and comprehensive final reporting.

Our approach to effectively delivering our development programs is by engaging with trusted partners, providing appropriate water solutions that suit the skills capability of the community and by providing community capacity building directed at the sustainability of the water resource.

Appropriate Water Solutions

  • Accessibility - BridgIT's aim is to locate the new water well within 300mtrs of village households to alleviate many hours wasted on water collection for the household.

  • Suitability - It is vital that the water supply design, technology and equipment recognises and meets the skills capacity within the community.

  • Sustainability - Community ownership is the most efficient way to ensure sustainability of the water well. We engage the community so that our programs have complete buy-in and support.

Locating a water well closer to people creates development by saving time for economic growth

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