The Americas

BridgIT has invested $48,000 and impacted over 1,000 people with WASH projects in Jamaica

McIntosh Primary School

Mandeville, Manchester

Scope: WASH Project.  Construct water tank and refurbish toilets.

Impact: 1,200 students

Completed 2009

New Hope Orphanage

Mandeville, Manchester

Scope:  WASH project.  Supply hot water system and refurbish water tank.

Impact:  100 children and orphans

Completed 2009

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BridgIT Water has invested over $26,000 on WASH projects in Bolivia

Ciudidela Children's Home

Cochabamba, Bolivia

Scope: WASH Project.  Crill new bore and equip with pump and storage tank.

Impact: 150 students

Completed 2011

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