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Apply For A Grant

If your organisation has a potential water project, it should meet our project selection criteria to be considered for a funding partnership.

To be considered for a partnership, implementers must prove that they align with BridgIT Water's mission and have the ability to:

  • Operate effectively within the community

  • Identify a genuine community need as opposed to a want

  • Manage funds appropriately and transparently

  • Competently manage the technical aspects of a water project

  • Follow the life-cycle of the project until its completion

  • Competently monitor and evaluate the Program


It is essential to be aware that our main priority is towards areas where hardship as a result of poor or non-existent water infrastructure is evident.


BridgIT Water funds are designated for sustainable community-based aid and development purposes and will not be used to fund any non-development activity where there is evidence of self-interest rather than in the interest of the greater good of all.  *Funding is not for individuals.

Grant Criteria

  • There must be a demonstrable need for the water project to be undertaken. 

  • There must be a clearly defined scope of what work is to be performed under the terms of the project outlining immediate, medium and long term goals.

  • There must be a clear demonstration that the recipients will be able to manage the water asset once it is in place.

  • There must be a clear demonstration that the recipients will be able to operate, maintain and fund the ongoing water asset - it is installed as a valuable piece of infrastructure - it is not a gift, it is an asset and a responsibility.

  • It must be community-based to impact as many people as possible.

If you feel your water project fulfills the grant criteria, you may complete the Funding Application Form and email to info@bridgitwater.org.